Inline One eleven
St. Gallen - Thurgau (and back)
7-9 august 2004

Checking out the pictures
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Pictures and panorama pictures

een 7th august : Getting to St. Gallen
> Drinking, eating, sleeping
and doing crazy stuff in the bus
> Taking posession of the hall
> Fintuning the skates
> Pasta means calories !
> Time to sleep
een 8th august : Celebrating 111 km's of skaters heaven
> Waking up far too early
> Skating towards the sun rising
> Going downhill as fast as the wheels can turn
> Fighting your way uphill to the finish
> Water, massage and a bit of rest
> Poolside
> Incredible victory stories and beer
een 9th august : Speeding our way along the bodensee
> Saying goodbye to St. Gallen
> Speeding with a relaxed pace
> Enjoying the view of gras, lake and corn
> Bathing
> Enjoying the view of the Bodensee and fellow bathers
> Settling in the bus

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Text and photo's, 2004

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