HR inline tour
17 july - 21 july 2004

Checking out the pictures
You are now in the main index of my HRinline Skate experience. In this index you can either watch the movie clips I made (all the way to the bottom) or you can click your way to the subindex where you can find out what happened that day.

You can go to the subindex by clicking on the corresponding "thumbnail". Then another window (subindex) is opened and you will see square thumbnails (the regular sized photo's) and rectangular thumbnails (the panorama pictures). The panorama pictures are at the top of the screen when you scroll down.
These panorama's are really worth looking at.
By clicking on the thumbnail in the subindex you can take a look at individual pictures in it's full internet size.

Pictures and panorama pictures

een 16th july : Arriving in Rodgau
> Finding a place in the hall
een 17th july : Rodgau -> Langen -> Groß-Gerau
> Nice T-shirts
> Flying over smooth and flat asphalt
> Taking a rest at Langen "beach"
> Ice cream !
een 18th july : Groß-Gerau -> Biblis -> Bensheim
> Stretching
> Super soaker
> Brazilian music
> A lot of smooth flat asphalt
een 19th july : Bensheim -> Wald-Michelbach -> Erbach
> Fitness excercises
> Going up and down the hills
> Leaving white breaking marks on the black asphalt
> Playing with motor bikes
> Sponge bob !
een 20th july : Erbach -> Breuberg -> Groß-Umstadt
> Smooth and wet asphalt
> Dancing in Breuberg
> Going down the hill, fast !
> Ho... ho... holaaaaa !
een 20th july : Tuesday Night Skating in Frankfurt
> Blazing over the streets of Frankfurt
een 21th july : Groß-Umstadt -> Obernburg a.Main -> Seligenstadt
> Enjoying the sun and the forest
> Enjoying blazing down the hills
> Everything can slalom : skaters, motorbikes and ambulances
> Dancing, dancing in the streets
> The finish

More pictures at :
Kerstin & Randolf (Morf)
Sabine Fischer und Simone Jäger
Bensheim bei
Alex Krebs
Peter Gampfer
Michael Schöllhorn
Michael Pressler
Morf-ab (check under "bilder")
Thomas Prasser
Obst & Friends
Frank Dietrich
Intersport Beike
Peter Geyer

Zieleinlauf Seligenstadt (HR Sendung - MORF)
Rodgau-Langen-Groß-Gerau (Thorolf Godawa)

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Text and photo's, © 2004

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