HR Inline 2005
22nd of july - 27th of july 2005

Checking out the pictures
You are now in the main index of my HR Skate experience. In this index you can either watch the movie clips I made (all the way to the bottom) or you can click your way to the subindex where you can find out what happened that day.

You can go to the subindex by clicking on the corresponding "thumbnail". Then another window (subindex) is opened and you will see square thumbnails (the regular sized photo's) and rectangular thumbnails (the panorama pictures). The panorama pictures are at the bottom of the screen when you scroll down.
These panorama's are really worth looking at.
By clicking on the thumbnail in the subindex you can take a look at individual pictures in it's full internet size.

Pictures and panorama pictures

een 22 july : Arriving in Fulda
> Meeting the fellow skaters
een 23 july : Skating from Fulda to Burghaun to Schlitz
> ...
een 24 july : Skating from Schlitz to Herbstein to Schotten
> ...
een 25 july : Skating from Schotten - Hungen - Bad-Nauheim
> ...
een 26 july : Skating from Bad Nauheim - Usingen - Bad Camberg
> ...
een 27 july : Skating from Bad Camberg - Niederhausen - Hofheim am Taunus
> ...

Notes : The pictures are now all on line, but there is more to do :
> GPS route info
> Descriptions
> More
Will follow ...

Links :
Tuesday Night Skating, Frankfurt
MORF, Aschaffenburg

Picture links :
Simon (Bad Camberg-Hofheim)
S Piel (Pause Usingen)
Jan S
Thomas P
Cappy : Fr- Sa- Su- Mo- Tu- We
Zeitungsartikel von der NNP zur Ankunft in Bad Camberg
KISS: Kassler Inline Skate Session
thilo Harich

Text and photo's, 2005

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