Skating the Duesseldorf marathon
7/8 may 2005

Checking out the pictures
You are now in the main index of my Duesseldorf Skate experience. In this index you can either watch the movie clips I made (all the way to the bottom) or you can click your way to the subindex where you can find out what happened that day.

You can go to the subindex by clicking on the corresponding "thumbnail". Then another window (subindex) is opened and you will see square thumbnails (the regular sized photo's) and rectangular thumbnails (the panorama pictures). The panorama pictures are at the bottom of the screen when you scroll down.
These panorama's are really worth looking at.
By clicking on the thumbnail in the subindex you can take a look at individual pictures in it's full internet size.

Pictures and panorama pictures

een 7 may : Preparing for the marathon
> Having several energy drinks (Heffe)
> Eating pasta
> Meeting skaters and Dusfor
twee 8 may : The race
> Getting together
> Warming up
> Move it
> Smile ! You're on candid (?) camera.
> In the rain, streets get nice and shiny
> The finish (at last)
twee 8 may : After the race
> Eating all the goodies
> Having local energy drink (beer)
> Enjoying the "beerhalle"

Links :
DUSFOR - Duesseldorf's finest
Official site - Official site
Rouli Roula - Belgian skate club
Text and photo's, 2005

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