Skating In Sweden
15-18 oktober 2004
Tunnelloppet, Stockholm

Checking out the pictures
You are now in the main index of my Stockholm Skate experience. In this index you can either watch the movie clips I made (all the way to the bottom) or you can click your way to the subindex where you can find out what happened that day.

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These panorama's are really worth looking at.
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Pictures and panorama pictures

een 15 oktober : Skating through Stockholm
> Arriving on the airport
> Meeting the fellow tunnel skaters
> Sight seeing stockholm on skates
> Skating through the night in stockholm
twee 16 oktbober : The buildings and the dome/globen
> Looking at the old city
> Drinking warm coffee
> Buying souvenirs
> Crawling through narrow streerts
> Standing in line
> Getting the stuff for starting the marathon
twee 17 oktober : Tunnelloppet day
> Waking up far to early
> Diving into the tunnels
> Enjoying the beach in the tunnel
> Beatifull sights
> Visit Globen for 4 times
> Buying a colorfull hat
> Valuable addition the the palace guards

Pictures and movies:
Race video by
michaelschoellhorn - Pictures of Michael
Movie - by Lee (Londonskaters)
Movie - by Hälsar Bertil S
Pictures - by Michael Lind, Jonas Uddeskog
Pictures - by FrankD
Pictures - by Dierk
Pictures - by Sk8man (new)

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Text and photo's, © 2004

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