Skating the Big Apple: New York USA
30 may - 3rd june 2004

Checking out the pictures
You are now in the main index of my New York Skate experience. In this index you can either watch the movie clips I made (all the way to the bottom) or you can click your way to the subindex where you can find out what happened that day.

You can go to the subindex by clicking on the corresponding "thumbnail". Then another window (subindex) is opened and you will see square thumbnails (the regular sized photo's) and rectangular thumbnails (the panorama pictures). The panorama pictures are at the bottom of the screen when you scroll down.
These panorama's are really worth looking at.
By clicking on the thumbnail in the subindex you can take a look at individual pictures in it's full internet size.

Pictures and panorama pictures

een 30 may : Flying to New York and Flying around in New York
> Flight from Amsterdam to New York
> Wandering around the hotel
> Dancing in Central Park with the CPDSA
> Having dinner at Boat Basin Cafe
> Night skating
twee 31 may : Skates, trains, boats and broadway
> Skating downtown
> Checking out my stocks
> Waving back to the Statue of Liberty
> Taking the subway to Grand Central Station
> Enjoying Rent on Broadway
twee 1st june : Going up and chilling in Central Park
> Graduation day !
> Moving up in the Empire State Building
> Being a fool in the souvenir shop
> Skating uptown along the Hudson river
> Checking and climbing the bronze in Central Park
> Guggenheim museum inside and out
> Enjoying My morning Jacket at Irvingplaza
twee 2nd june : Bridge skating and wednesday night skating
> Skating downtown along the Hudson
> Christal palace
> Rolling over the Brooklyn bridge
> Enjoying the park between Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge
> Rolling back across Manhattan bridge
> Skating through China town
> Taking the limo to the wednesday night skate
> The wednesday night skate
twee 3rd june : Enjoying life in Harlem and flying back
> Skating uptown to Harlem
> Saying hi to Alma Mater at Columbia University
> Streetwise in Harlem
> Enjoying the drinks in the plane

Movie clips

movie Dancing in Central park (WMV- 4.3Mb,32 sec)
movie Rythm in Central Park (WMV- 2.6Mb,20 sec)
movie Fun skating across Times Square in the midst of cabs (WMV- 2.8Mb,21 sec)
movie Taking the Manhattan bridge and enjoying the view (WMV- 2.3Mb,17 sec)
movie Breakdancing on Union Square (WMV- 1.8Mb,14 sec)
movie Wednesday Night Skate takes Times Square (WMV- 1.8Mb,10 sec)
movie Skating and making noise on Times Square (WMV- 2.4Mb,18 sec)
movie Skating on times square is fun ! (WMV- 2.6Mb,20 sec)

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CPDSA - Central Park Dance Skaters Association
Forum - nycskaters Rollerblading in New York City - Skating NY 2001 and 2002 - Went skating in NYC
Text and photo's, 2004

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