Skate festival, Amsterdam
14th/ 15th of august 2004

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Pictures and panorama pictures

dabce Dancing on skates
> Dancing lessons by Ayke
> 1001 wheels Rolerdisco
> European Rolerdance Contest
jump High Jump
>Flying as high as possible on quads or inliners
people Audience and participants
> People watching the skaters, almost as 
fascinating as watching the skating
speed Speeding the track
> Whizzing through the corner on smooth concrete
speed Speeding the cones
> Like a snake, sliding through the cones
without touching them
dance Tempting the cones
> Elegantly swirling between the cones
balls Skating with Balls
> hockey, football and basketball, on skates
fly Flying the ramps
> Playing in and mainly above the half pipe

Text and photo's, 2004

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